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●Coming up, Changhua Tzu Chi volunteers in Taiwan visit the Xu family, whose house and pigsty were destroyed by a fire. ...
Indonesia Tzu Chi volunteers hold groundbreaking ceremonies for construction projects in Bandung and Cengkareng Da Ai Vi...
Students & teachers honor Buddha Although Buddha`s birthday is past, honoring him and his teaching continues. At the Hualien Tzu Chi Elementary School and the Tzu Chi College of Technology in Taiwan, students and teachers gathered to celebrate the Buddha`s grace. Let`s take a look at how the ceremony unfolded and the effect it had on participants.
Nursing students from Hualien`s Tzu Chi College of Technology, under the leadership of their professor, arrived at Hualien`s Fengbin Township`s Jingpu Elementary School to conduct a health seminar with games and hands-on activities for learning CPR.
In our final report, we meet a children`s theater made up by a group students from the Tzu Chi College of Technology in Hualien. Knowing that many young patients staying at the Taichung(台中) Tzu Chi Hospital have not smile for a long time, these students decided to hold a performance in the hospital to cheer them up.
Making use of the free time during their winter vacation, students and teachers of the Tzu Chi College of Technology and Tzu Chi University in Taiwan recently travelled to Malaysia on a foreign student recruitment visit. Their seminar, held at the Johor Bahru Jing Si Hall, attracted many parents who were all eager to learn more about Tzu Chi`s humanistic education.
Welcome to Da Ai Headlines. I`m Wendy Chen. Thank you for joining us. First up, students from Hualien`s Tzu Chi College of Technology have arrived in Myanmar for the last part of their exchange trip which included stops in both Singapore and Malaysia. In Myanmar, they visited care recipients in remote villages, where many experienced for the first time true poverty, and learned to count their blessings.
Coming up, Indonesia Tzu Chi volunteers tend to fire survivors in Batam with emergency cash and relief items. We look back to the history of rabies and why the recent cases has Taiwan’s government worried.


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END: 吉打兒童劇 (2013.07.29)